Ésika Consultant Workshop

On March 23, KasNet agents were invited to participate in a consulting workshop held by the Beauty Company, Ésika, where we had the opportunity to offer our financial services.
The event was attended by many of Ésika’s beauty consultants. Upon completion of the workshop, prizes were given away and attendees enjoyed a party full of surprises.

Customer Service Workshops

On February 23-24, Globokas Peru held two customer service workshops directed at our Kasnet agents in North-, East- and Central Lima. The events were led by zone managers Flor Condori and Gustavo Roman, with the help of other Globokas staff.
The workshops aimed to better integrate existing agents into the company through seminars, motivational speeches and training activities.
Upon completion of the workshop, agents had the opportunity to learn more about the company and to interact with members of the company, where they gave out merchandise and held a raffle for household appliances.

Financiera TFC and GLOBOKAS enter into strategic Cooperation Agreement.

Financiera TFC and Globokas announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement aimed at expanding their financial presence throughout Peru.
Thanks to this agreement, Financiera TFC will have over 800 new service points at the national level, located in the main cities of the country, such as Lima, Arequipa, Trujillo, Piura, Chiclayo, Tarapoto, Ayacucho, Moyobamba and others.
According to the agreement, Financiera TFC customers without a nearby office, will be able to use the KasNet Agents (managed by Globokas) to perform transactions related to installment payments and inquire into their balances.
The two institutions estimate that during the first year of this agreement, 30% of the collection transactions of Financiera TFC, will be accomplished through the KasNet Agents network.

Caja Huancayo will have more than 1,000 agents starting in February

Caja Huancayo established a strategic alliance with Globokas Perú S.A.C., expanding its CAJA VECINAS banking agents network, from 205 to 1,376.
The new banking agents, Cajas Vecina-KasNet will be available as from February of this year, at the national level. With this expansion, Caja Huancayo would have the largest banking agents network in the Municipal Thrifts system.
Walter Rojas Echevarría, Manager of Operations and Finance, indicated that up to November 2010, 115,324 transactions were successfully carried out (102,284 financial transactions and 13,040 administrative transactions), that is to say, 100,791 more transactions than in 2009.
In turn, Juan José Marthans León, Globokas Perú General Manager, underscored the importance of this alliance and the contributions made by the two companies for the benefit of inclusion of a higher number of people into the banking system and formalization, making available to this segment a higher number of service points, with the security and guaranty offered by the two institutions.

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